With innovative, bleeding-edge style that makes no apologies and takes no prisoners, the ROOTTATTOO style stands out in the world of expressive fashion. We’re here to do more than stay – we’re here to topple current trends and set new ones, to keep you ahead and outside of the mainstream.

ROOTTATTOO fashion is loaded with rockstar presence and biker attitude, inspired by freedom of the spirit. It’s a love of the open road, an obsession with ink, an insistence on cranking the amp up past 11. Every ROOTTATTOO garment and accessory hollers out the lust for life that drives us all.

Forged in Los Angeles in 2012, ROOTTATTOO is a labor of love. We make extraordinary clothes for your extraordinary lifestyle, in tune with your ambitions and your passion. For each piece we inject the creative genius of top-notch LA tattoo artists into top-quality materials. ROOTTATTOO is an American product with dashes of international flavor